A Complete Approach to Sound for the Modern Saxophonist outlines concepts and exercises that will allow you to shape your sound and achieve an ideal tone no matter the context. Pursuing your best sound will also help you develop virtuosity in many other areas of technique, including increased ability to execute technically demanding passages, extending the range of the saxophone to four octaves or more, and greater control of sound and intonation at loud dynamics. The book draws from principles as taught by Joe Allard and Sigurd Rascher, but the text also develops these ideas in new ways that help further expand your capabilities.

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Endorsements, Reviews, and Features

“This is a terrific book on an often neglected yet integral part of saxophone playing. I recommend Ben’s book to every serious saxophonist.” – Walt Weiskopf.

“Ben’s book covers some of the important concepts of playing saxophone in a well articulated, clear style which can serve both beginners and more advanced players well.” – Dave Liebman

“…a highly-concentrated, efficient approach to tone production.” – Bret Pimentel, full review

“The book is not expensive but the information is incredibly valuable so do yourself a favor and buy it. I’m hoping to see more books from Ben in the future.” – Barry Claudhill, full review

“This is a book that I have started using with my own students at Portland State University.” – David Valdez, featured article

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