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New Album on Nov 18: Sound Expression

An adept and tenacious jazz musician from the northwest U.S., tenor saxophonist and composer Ben Britton brings his unique creativity and expression to the fore with a new recording, Sound Expression, highlighting the drive and energy often heard in his playing and writing. Drawing on elements from the jazz tradition, Britton fuses these with melodic counterpoint, rhythmic intricacy, and an adventurous improvisatory spirit.

Listen below to Ben’s arrangement of “Someday My Prince Will Come” from the record.

To order a physical copy, send an email to benbrittonjazz@gmail.com.

ARC: A Sci-Fi Musical Experience

This past May, the College of Southern Idaho presented ARC: Part I, a show that brings story, visuals, and music together in a way never done before. The story follows Danilo, a brash and overconfident 18-year-old, who has been abducted by the future and finds himself in the middle of a universe-altering disaster. Part II coming soon… Learn more.


The year is 2137, and the world has been ravaged by climate disaster. Ana and Tane, two friends living in New Boston, work to keep some of the last wildlife on the planet safe and thriving. When Tane begins receiving dream-like communications from another world, he’s not sure how to respond, but the line between his dreams and reality quickly starts to blur.

The messages are a call for help from a world under attack. Previously unknown predators, semi-invisible and massive, have surfaced and begun hunting the people there. Tane and Ana answer the distress call, but they soon learn they’ll need to develop some extraordinary skills and abilities if they hope to make a difference, or even just survive…


Endorsed by Ben Wendel, Walt Weiskopf, Charles Pillow, and NEA Jazz Master Dave Liebman, the complete approach series is a methodical approach to sound development, voicing, and overtone practice. Both books have accompanying sound clips that will help guide your practice.

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